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Empowering girls to make positive choices

Diamonds in the Rough uses Baseball, traditionally a male dominated sport, to connect emerging Australian Emerald players with young Indonesian girls. The program challenges gender norms and raises awareness of domestic violence through a combination of skills clinics, personal development programs and games against local men’s club teams

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How it all started

About the Program

The Aussie Hearts have been helping girls and women chase their baseball dreams around the world for over 10 years. The Hearts 2016 tour took the team to Yankee Stadium, where the players were honoured in a welcoming ceremony before a Major League game in front of 40,000 fans. With the Aussie Hearts logo displayed on the giant screen for all the crowd to see, for the players and founders of the program, it was beyond anything they could have imagined.


When our leadership group met at the end of that tour, we knew things had changed.   It was time to redefine our mission, indeed to dream it all up again.


And in that we found the inspiration to create our Diamonds in the Rough program for Indonesia.  Every girl or woman should have the opportunity to chase their dream and to be celebrated for their effort. What we discovered since standing a hundred feet tall on an enormous screen in baseball’s most celebrated city, is that that there are greater measures of success, beyond scoring runs and winning games. Now it is about how many more girls can we empower to see that anything is possible.


The support to run the program came from the DFAT Asian Partnership Program, and a small project team was created to apply for the funding. The team consisted of Rob Novotny, Aussie Hearts co-founder and baseball tragic; Narelle Gosstray - the program coordinator, who put the pieces together; strategic focus and Indonesian context came from Paul Mead, Simone Wearne designed the national team involvement and Charlie King's No More Campaign is integral to the program.


Diamonds in the Rough Team



TEDxDarwin - Empowering Girls and Women through Baseball

September 25, 2016

Co-founder of the Aussie Hearts International Women's Baseball Program, Narelle Gosstray has been helping girls and women chase their baseball dreams around the world for more than 10 years. The Aussie Hearts latest program, Diamonds in the Rough, is about changing perceptions about what is possible, and empowering Indonesian girls and women through baseball.

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